Finding Welkin
A film about finding the things that connect us.

Inspired by George Orwell’s ‘1984’.

Narration by Cori Dunton
Music by Abby Gundersen

I made this film with pocket change and the help of many of my friends. Thanks to Savannah Potafiy, Randy Higgins, Ryan Youngblood, and Susan Holzapfel for bringing each character to life. And also to Catherine Wallwork, Chadwick Gantes, Cori Dunton, Abby Gundersen, Alex Collins, Rachel Ashley, Tyler Axtell, Dan Jones, Emily Wilkinson, Liz Allen, Katie Bradel, Kevin Trout, Ashley Gutierrez, Samantha Kawabata, Michael Spear, and many more. You all made this film what it is. Thank you.

Special thanks to Bradley Mountain

Scene 4 of my upcoming short film turned out great. Susan Holzapfel from the San Diego Ballet Company was incredible. And as always, thanks to Chadwick and Catherine for helping out. (x)

A few frames from a teaser I recently filmed and edited for Enrou’s upcoming Spring 2014 lookbook.